Friday, August 31, 2012

The Making of a Mini

Mini quilts, for me, have always been those adorable li’l things that you like to look at and enjoy but never dream of making. Didn’t think the precision and patience required to make a mini would be up my alley. But all that changed with the August challenge of DesiQuilters, a fabulous Facebook group of happy quilters, I belong to. Each month a new challenge is thought up to help us push the boundaries of our capabilities, learn new techniques and think out of the box to come up with creative and innovative entries.
This month the DQ (Desi Quilters) challenge was  to test the participants' skill in reducing a pattern to a miniature.
- Make a mini not bigger than 12"x12", using pieces not bigger than 1.5" finished.
- Colours to be used -  the Indian flag colors  -  saffron, white and green only (in view of the Indian Independence day on 15th Aug).
So I set about deciding a pattern. Tulips have loong been on my wish list of ‘patterns to try’. I googled ‘tulips’ and came up with this clear tutorial on…tweaked the measurements to suit the challenge rules and was ready to roll. Have to mention here, that a tip shared by Tina (in her blog post), about using fusible paper as stabiliser, was invaluable when it came to cutting with precicion and getting even seams. Thank you Tina!

Started by fusing the stabiliser to the back of each of the fabrics (roughly the size of a fat eighth) – white, saffron and green. Then cutting it up, to the miniscule sizes required, was a breeze.
    The fabric all cut up –

Wide saffron and white strips for HSTs
Green and white strip pieced and then cut

Teeny tinies all ready to be assembled!
2" tulip blocks put together 


Playing with the layout!
Pieced, quilted and bound!
Tada !
My 10.5"sq baby :)
Tulip mini quilt

And last but certainly not least, my friendship with Jack (the ripper) was renewed in a big way, as I kept sewing the stabiliser backed white fabric right side up! Thank you Jack....what would I do without you?!

Will I be making more minis? Sure...after a breather ofcourse! :)                                                            
Until next time...good bye!!